Monday, 9 February 2015

Space Exploration

I am in favour of lunar mountaineering. I believe mountaineering on the Moon would be easier than on Earth due to the lack of lunar gravity.

I would also like to see the Earth light in the lunar night and the wreck of Luna 2.  Having seen the Moon in the earthly night, I would now like to look the other way by seeing the Earth in the lunar night.

As for Luna 2, I believe it was the first man-made object to reach the lunar surface. Now that I appear to have seen the wreck of the Titanic, I would now like to see the wreck of Luna 2. Furthermore, I believe The Instant Book of Outer Space may refer to Luna 2 as a Soviet Pennant on the lunar surface.

But what about Olympus Mons? How would it look on its surface? How would it look on the surface within its caldera?