Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Cheryl and Catherine

The actress Neili Conroy reminds me of Cheryl. In one scene in The Family I thought she even bore an uncanny resemblance to her. Cheryl's loving mother was killed in a car crash when she was 4. At her mother's funeral her father told her insensitively that what was left of her was inside her coffin, before the coffin was fed into the crematorium. She then cried and cried at the thought of never seeing her loving mother again.

Later her father remarried a Jewish woman and Cheryl and her illegitimate stepbrother went on to bitterly hate each other. She also went on to bitterly hate her father. She also went on to be a difficult child who might stick her tongue out at guests. I think she is best remembered for her with her chance meeting with her hated family in an Irish town. She was with Catherine, her gentle but faithful sidekick. The chance meeting soon erupted into a public and bloody family affair. It started when she threw the glasses of her Jewish stepmother's glasses on to the road and refused to pick them up. She then kicked and dented her father's brand new Ford Sierra and told them it gave a whole new meaning to a "booted Sierra" the year before the Sapphire hit the market. She told them his Jewish girlfriend and her mother should've been killed by the Nazis, but not necessarily humanely. She then hit her in the face. Her stepbrother then fought back by punching her quite severely in the face making her nose and mouth bleed and lose a tooth.

Cathy, who was perhaps her one close friend wanted to stay out of the whole affair but felt she had to intervene. She assisted her whilst she staggered to the black Morris Minor. She was slightly shorter than Cheryl and had brown shoulder-length hair.

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